Sarah Brown's Catering

Great Neck, NY 11020





Main Dish Choices:

Boned Chicken——————–$26.00 Per Person
Unboned Chicken—————$23.00 Per Person
Chicken grapes and Wine | Grilled Cutlets | Roast Chicken | Grilled Chicken | Chicken Francaise | Fried Chicken | Curried Chicken | Jerk Chicken

Rolled Chicken Breast (With or Without Stuffing)——–$28.00 Per Person
Filet Mignon———————$31.00 Per Person
Shell Steak———————-$28.00 Per Person
Sirloin Steak——————-$25.00 Per Person
Prime Rib ————————$31.00 Per Person
Beef Brisket———————$26.50 Per Person
Pepper Steak—————-$25.00 Per Person
Veal——————————$31.00 Per Person
Rack of Lamb—————$31.00 Per Person
Turkey————————–$28.00 Per Person
Pot Roast———————$26.00 Per Person

prices do not include staff charge.

Corporate Event Catering Nassau County

Second Selection with Main Dish:

Boned Chicken————$8.00 Per Person
Unboned Chicken——-$7.00 Per Person
Poached Salmon——–$9.00 Per Person
Shrimp Scampi———-$11.00 Per Person
Shrimp Creole————$9.00 Per Person
Shrimp Newburg——-$11.00 Per Person
St. Louis Ribs—————-$8.00 Per Person
Baby Back Ribs—————-$10.00 Per Person
Seafood Newburg—-$9.00 Per Person

prices do not include staff charge.

Included with Main Dish:

Five different kinds of Hors D’oeuvres
Shrimp $4.00Per Person extra
Green or Caesar Salad
Fresh Vegetable in season
Jell-O Mould
Fresh Fruit in Season
Three Desserts
Additional Entree’s may be added…


Starch:Rice, Macaroni and cheese, Pasta Primavera, Mashed Potatoes, Mashed yams w/ marshmallows, Candied Yams, Potato Salad, Cornbread, Rolls, Garlic Bread
Vegetables String Beans, Mixed Vegetables, Asparagus, Collard Greens, Cabbage, Spinach, Corn, Okra, Succotash

** 30 People Minimum **


Omelets or Crepes——————————————$22.00 Per Person 
Omelets and Crepes—————————————$23.00 Per Person
French Toast, Crepes & Omelets———————$24.00 Per Person
Omelets, Crepes & Poached Salmon————-$26.00 Per Person
Omelets & Rolled Filet of Sole————————$24.00 Per Person

prices are based on a minimum of 50 people

Included with Brunch:

Five Hors D’oeuvre
Pasta Primavera or Pasta Pesto
Vegetable, Mold
Assorted Muffins and Bagels
Fresh Fruit
Dessert and Coffee

** 30 People Minimum **


1. Sesame Chichen
2. Chicken Wings
3. Nova on Black Bread
4. Baked Clams
5. Clams and Bacon
6. Asparagus Lilies
7. Crabmeat Puffs
8. Walnut Cheddar Cheese Balls
9. Codfish Cakes
10. Miniature Shish-Kebab
11. Beef Patties
12. Chicken Patties
13. Vegetable Patties
14. Shrimp Toast
15. Cream Cheese Puffs
16. Chopped Chicken Liver Puffs
17. Chicken Liver and Beef Puffs

18. Miniature Pizzas
19. Butterfly Shrimps
20. Mozzarella Fritters
21. Vegetable Tempura
22. Shrimp Tempura
23. Franks and Pastry
24. Quiche
25. Potato Pancakes
26. Chopped Chicken Liver Mound
27. Pineapple and Bacon
28. Meatballs (Sweet & Swedish)
29. Mexican Meat Puffs
30. Stuffed Mushrooms
31. Cold Vegetable Dip
32. Chopped Egg Mound (Sour Cream & Caviar)
33. Salmon Mousse (Cold)
34. Baked Brie
35. Shrimp — $4.00 extra Per Person



Chicken (Fried, Curried, Smothered, Glazed, Baked & Grilled)
Fish (Catch of the Day)
Sirloin Steak
Steak & Onions
Pork Chops
Baked Ham
Turkey with Stuffing
Pepper Steak
Curry Goat
Beef Stew
And many more…
For a package of Five Different Kinds of Hors D’oeuvres —$7.00
(no shell fish included in price)

prices are based on a minimum of 50 people

50 People Or More

One Entree———-$13.50 Per Person
Two Entree’s——–$15.50 Per Person

Included with Entree

2 Starches
2 Vegetables and Salad
Bread / Rolls
1 Desert

** 50 People Minimum **


Nut Cake and other Cakes
Occasion Cakes additional
Mousses — Chocolate, lemon, Apricot, Strawberry, etc…
Fruit Pies, Cookies, Puddings
Ice Cream Sundaes
Other Desserts with Ice Cream
Sweet Potato Pie, Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, etc…
Peach Cobbler
Puddings, Brownies
and many more…


Bing Cherry
Three Color
Vegetable, etc…


Soft Drinks———————————–$4.00 Per Person
Fruit Punch———————————-$1.00 Per Person
Top Shelf Alcoholic Beverage——$18.00 Per Person

Additional Info

Setup for Bar is $4.00 Per Person including ice
Liquor-Open bar $18.00 Per Person (Top Shelf)
Paper Goods $4.00 Per Person
Rentals $5.00 - $10.00 Per Person

Craft Service is available

Wait Staff — $20.00 Per Hour
Bartender — $25.00 Per Hour
Head Person — $30.00 Per Hour
All Holiday rates are $35.00 Per Hour
Gratuities are not included in this charge.